Special Nonprofit/NGO Membership – Dues $0

Nonprofit/NGO Member Benefits:

  • Certain nonprofit organizations may be eligible for a free Frontier membership. (See “Exclusions and Limitations” for more details.)

  • One member from your organization will receive a discount for participation in most chapter activities. Note that this category may exclude a discount for the OK Ethics Annual Awards and special bonus workshops. (See other membership categories for upgrades.)  

  • Mentioned in “Who’s Who” of OK Ethics website.

  • Please note that our primary purpose remains a discussion of ethical behavior in the workplace. Although networking is an additional benefit of these discussions, guests are asked to refrain from using this as a sales forum.

Special Provisions:

OK Ethics requests that your organization reciprocates by promoting our organization to your members. You will be asked to confirm your commitment to OK Ethics in a couple of ways by choosing to help with one or more of these suggested initiatives:

  1. Bring at least one potential new OK Ethics member from a for-profit company as a guest to an upcoming event.  (OK Ethics will pay the cost of their participation as a potential new member.)

  2. Commit to attending at least three OK Ethics meetings per year.

  3. Offer to serve in a volunteer capacity for at least one OK Ethics’ event per year.

  4. Help get the word out about OK Ethics by promoting us on your website, in staff meetings and other channels of communication.

  5. Please note that each participant must continue to make reservations by the specified deadline for each meeting in order for volunteers to prepare name tags and provide accurate head counts to our banquet facilities. This helps OK Ethics avoid unnecessary late fees charged by vendors

Exclusions & Limitations:

  • A staff member of a nonprofit is welcome to join at this level. However, this membership is not intended as a benefit for all of the nonprofit’s organization/association members. In other words, the reductions in price for attending regular events hosted by  OK Ethics will only apply to the individual staff member of the nonprofit organization.

  • Because the Consortium supports many campuses across the state, our preference is that universities and schools join as paying members to show a reciprocal commitment, and help us maintain our momentum in the ethics challenges and other student initiatives. Special circumstances may apply to nonprofit schools that would not normally have the capacity to pay. Those situations may be presented to the Vice President of Membership and/or the CEO/Founder for special consideration.

  • Credit unions are generally deemed as organizations with the ability to pay dues and are, therefore, excluded from this offer


Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium Accessibility Policy


Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium is committed to facilitating the accessibility of its website and events for all people. Please be aware that our efforts to ensure website accessibility are ongoing. If you at any time have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of any particular web page, please contact our Member Care Coordinator at [email protected] or by calling (405) 889-0498.  


Information about membership and events may be obtained by contacting OK Ethics at [email protected] or by calling (405) 889-0498.


If you are interested in attending an event and need an accommodation to attend or participate in the event, please contact OK Ethics at [email protected] or by calling (405) 889-0498 as soon as possible but at least five business days prior to the event.